When facing the causes of a disease it is important to consider colour in a proper way :a natural opportunity creating favourable conditions for a change of conciousness.

This transformation is necessary in order to restore the physical body in a movement towards harmony and plenitude, thus making it stronger against permanent stress from the outside.

From its origin, the living being is a mass of extremely pure luminous particles, thus expressing the aspect and caracteristics of Light.

Through the basic use of his energy, the living being is always enlightened and guided by his luminous identity.

This idea maintains the vital and natural processes of the physical body in working order. Throughout his earthly life, the human being can breathe, digest and move without having to interfere consciously.

The physical function of a human being nowadays can be considered as instinctive and reactive.

Therefore, he creates a life out of his luminous connections.

Even though he lives within his luminous being, his material body does not yet consciously share the extraordinary opportunities offered by his luminous counterpart to live all the aspects of his human life in harmony.

When it becomes possible for an individual conscience to conceive that a human being finds his true origin within Light, he can then admit the existence of the vibratory frequency of Light available for him to use. It offers him a chance to live his human life in the most harmonious and stable way.

If we consider that the role of colour is to harmonize the human being, it is also important and necessary to respect the highest vibratory qualities of Light for an efficient help.

By harmonizing with Light vibrations, someone can naturally recover vital forces. This dynamic energy developped in his body allow him to restore his interdimensional connections.

The « LIGHT COLOURS », (thus named because they are the closest vibratory frequencies to Light), have a power to restore strength to the body in order to keep a harmonious life.

The Light colour awakens a memory in vital processes which have been more or less supressed in the natural mechanisms of the body.

The use of vibratory frequencies of Light allows the physical body to come out of a difficult experience and opens it to a more cheerful dimension of his earthly life.

The highest vibration of each colour brings to living bodies (physical, energetic, emotional and mental) in their density some vibratory information which can awaken an individual consciousness to yet unreachable dimensions of life.

Therefore, colour is a vibratory reality of luminous matter and their potential also exist in dense matter.

The can be helpful finding the reason of the disease and allow to release stress. Their high frequencies can be great help through the ordeal of illness that the human being suffers on his way to transformation.

In fact, their vibratory action can simultaneously touch all the physical and subtle bodies of the being. It acts in a global harmonizing way : on the physical symptoms (visible or not) but also to the very heart of the problem .

The vibratory frequencies deserve our attention because :

  • they have an action through various « systems », (unknown or known) of the body.

  • they innervate the energy  channels with « Light Colours ».

The use of Light colour as a prevention or as a therapy is essential as a complement to more traditional methods of healing.

It gives a positive boost to consolidate the healing.

Effects of Light