Each colour has its own vibratory frequencies.

Each frequency has its own peculiar quality and the energy that created it.

The more a colour its close to its frequency, the more its expresses its own quality.

A colour is considered as « pure » when its vibrates as close as possible to its frequency.

This frequency comes from the original Light spectrum represented by a prism.

During our research on vibratory compatibility between colour and living bodies, we discovered that colour frequency has an important role when colour is used to heal. In fact we noticed that not all the colours had been totally tolerated by the human body, so that the therapeutic use could be more or less successful.

We can notice that :

- According to the tone of a colour, the result on the body could be from 30% to 90% !

This experiment showed that the human body does not systematically take in all colours coming from the outside and so much the better !

- That each physical or subtle body attracts one or more colours corresponding to its own vibratory state of the moment and spontaneously takes in the colour Light registered in the memory of its original conception.

- That the pastel shade of one colour (or different from the initial spectrum) has a different action, that it does not keep the same property and consequently it doesn’t have the same effect on treatement.

- That a narrow bandwidth frequency with a weak percentage of transmission of colour Light will conversely require a longer exposition to it.

From all these observations, we could carefully select a range of colours exclusively adapted to the colour frequencies of the human body.

In fact, our choice to use the colour frequencies compatible with the human body for treatment dramatically increased their action.

The great asset is that the bodies can immediately take in and integrate this colour frequency and therefore reharmonize more quickly and deeper than before.

The human bodies prefer to take in pure and intense colours with a rather high frequency.

They harmonize with the colours corresponding to their own Light colours.


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