Through its specific radiance, each colour is linked with the organs and the inner systems of the body.

The being is fed with colours vibrations that are connected with the concern of his mental attitude.

When the coloured balance of the body is deteriorating, the body becomes more sensitive: the good health of the whole being is gradually modified and deteriorated, firstly through its nervous function and then through its organs.

An excess, a shock, a tension… can unbalance the mental, emotional and physical bodies, triggering different kind of reactions and problems.

It is then necessary to give the body the means to recover NATURALLY with the help of colour.

With the Chromo-vision® principle the eye will be given a specific coloured vibration. Caught exclusively by the eye, this colour will stimulate and re-energize the nervous system since the body organs have a vital need of this energy at once. Each colour have a specific action on the body even if consciously one can be more or less sensitive to colours.

These are the coloured wavelength frequencies that the body can perceive and take in.