Water, just like all liquids, (ex :pure and natural oils for massages) has a strong attractive power, and it can be compared to an accumulator.

To obtain dynamic water: the colour filter sheet


Traditional applications of chromotherapy.

Follow the advice of a specialist or consult the books about this subject.


Fill in a glass bottle with pure water (preferably spring water).

Wrap the bottle with the selected filter.

Expose it directly under the sunlight between 3 (minimum) to 9(maximum) hours.


Take sips all day long.


Do not keep the dynamic water more than 3 days.


The colour filter sheet   29x20cm

one sheet : 7,20€

A choice of 18 colours Specify the colour on the order form

  the 18 colours set : 116€ 



Very convenient for local external colour applications or to give energy to liquid or solid food.


The 18 colours filters case   13,5x10cm

one sheet : 55€

A choice of 18 colours   Specify the colour on the order form



To obtain dynamic oils : the round filters


The Solaris filters, with their round shape, allows to get dynamic oil

Used for a massage.


3 hours in the sun or directly with a halogen lamp (a few seconds).


The dynamic action does not last long.

A 13 colour set


The 13 round filters set 13cm diamètre

the 13 colours set : 40€

A choice of 13 colours   Specify the colour on the order form

Red - Orange - Yellow - Lemon - Green - Turquoise  - Blue - Lavender - Indigo - Violet - Crimson - Pink - Magenta


Design : A natural Colour Atmosphere

A Colour Space

To be set up particularly in,

  • In the room used for relaxation, meditation, yoga, therapy, massages…

  • In the  beauty salon (hairdressing, esthetic, beauty  and body care)..

  • And also at home for harmonious accommodation.

Installation is simple :

Cut (with scissors or a cutter) the colour range at the appropriate dimension.

Fix the pieces of coloured filters of the appropriate size with double-sided adhesive tape.

And that’s it, you’ve then created a beautiful coloured atmosphere.


The colour filter sheet   120 x 25 cm

one sheet : 25€

A choice of 18 colours      Specify the colour on the order form



It is possible to supply some pieces of filters cut at various dimensions, this will require an extra charge for the cutting.

Free estimate at request.

fenetre filtre