The Chromo Vision® principle

The Chromo Vision® principle is to give the eye enough energy to restore harmony in the body.

With the eye-nervous system-organ-trilogy, if a part of the body is damaged, the radiations, thanks to the law of attraction, will directly meet the organ needing  this particular energy.

Man has the same mechanism as the plant to feed itself.
He directly takes absorbs colours through his skin and eyes.

Man integrates the cosmic rays of Light coming from the Universe through the cells of his body according to specific combinations.

If they are respected, they will maintain harmony and health.
According to his personal vibration, coming from his state of mind, man attracts energies that more or less the same as his own.

Consequently, when there is disharmony, it becomes necessary to bring a coloured energy to the body in order to restore the vibratory balance.

Through the colour, the body will quickly regain harmony because colour has the power to act directly upon the very cause of the disease.
In the body, the eye is the most sensitive to Light.

When the eye consciously receives the appropriate colour, it will automatically diffuse this energy towards the part of the body which requires it.
The Chromo-Vision® uses the eye as a sensor of the Light in the body and this way it allows colour (a natural energy) to be magnetically attracted to the organ or the part of the body that is in difficulty and soon it recovers and find a lasting balance.

This is possible because the cells and the atoms of the body are made of electrons, a living matter which is the same nature and vibration as colour.
Our whole nervous system has an essential role : their channels and energetic meredians convey the coloured particles at a very high speed towards the geomagnetic locus (gland or organ) that is in disharmony with the rest of the body.

On this basis, we conceived and elaborated a visual concept making possible for everybody to put in practice this universal principle : using colour to heal our own daily pains and disease.

When viewing a particular colour exclusively during a certain period of time with the Chromo-Vision we trigger off the process of the natural healing of the body.

The body gains back some strength and ability to become self-sufficient and to heal by itself.

This concept gives everybody the means to use colour any time of day in our life, at work, at home…
The astonishing power of colour acts quickly in our physical body but it also reacts positively when we want to restore emotions and the psychic balance of the individual.

Light and Colour exist for everybody,  always available and with no side effects.

This natural energy is very efficient to help recover our well-being and our balance. 

(The Chromo-Vision principle is an extract from "Manuel pratique de Chromothérapie" Published by Trajectoire.


With the courtesy of the author, J.C. Nobis)